Red Bull has its own ad campaign, Red Bull, in the lead-up to the Rio Olympics

Red Bull is working to get ahead of its competitors by running its own advertising campaign, dubbed Red Bull Advertising, ahead of the Rio games, according to the head of its media group.

The company’s marketing director, Mark Jardine, confirmed the project during an event at Red Bull’s headquarters in Vienna on Wednesday.

“The advertising campaign is in the early stages, and will be a big help,” Mr Jardini said.

“We are going to do it as part of the campaign that’s running at the moment, which is called Red Bull Media.”

The Red Bull ad is meant to be a visual representation of the company, with the image of an Australian-themed billboard with the slogan “We want to be Australia” and a picture of a red bull, or bulldog, sporting a red shirt.

“Red Bull has been working on advertising for a while now,” Mr Dardini added.

“They have really developed a brand image, and the idea is to give people a visual image of Red Bull.”

Mr Dardino said Red Bull had been working with advertisers on its own ads for the past year.

“For the first time we are going in the direction of creating our own ads, but we don’t want to do them by ourselves.”

Our ads are the result of conversations with our advertising partners, and what we can tell you is that we are doing that for the first and foremost because of the great work done by our advertising partner,” he said.

The advertising strategy is likely to be similar to the way Red Bull runs its own campaigns in the US and Europe, which run as an extension of the ad campaigns that Red Bull uses to promote its product, which includes a specialised social media campaign.”

I think there is a lot of interest in Red Bull from our advertising and we’re going to continue doing that,” Mr Sondre Holst told the event.”

In the United States, we have really good relationships with brands and advertising agencies, and so they have a really good chance to reach the Red Bull community.

“The ads will run throughout the year, but will not be available to view until the games begin.”

At this stage, we can’t reveal the names of our advertisers, but it is expected that we will have a strong number of advertisers in Australia,” Mr Holst said.ABC/wires

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