Why Amazon’s ‘Sex’ ads are a better fit for Yahoo! than Amazon’s other ads

The best-selling advertising platform Amazon is hoping to build around “sex” ads has a far more compelling reason to do so: It’s a lot cheaper to do it.

Amazon has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to purchase more than 200 brands over the last year.

Many of those brands have struggled to compete with Amazon’s “adult” content, such as “Anal Sex” and “Big Tits for Big Bucks,” which have a lot more money to spend and far more exposure to Amazon than other ad platforms.

But the company has also spent big on ads that are specifically aimed at women and girls, and the ads have had mixed success.

For one thing, they haven’t succeeded in getting advertisers to pay attention to them.

In a recent study, BuzzFeed News found that the average amount of time advertisers spend looking at the ads has decreased for more than 10 percent of brands in the last two years, with a median of just six seconds.

The ads have also been criticized for being too sexist.

BuzzFeed reported that many advertisers have complained that the ads lack explicit language that might appeal to younger audiences, such in the case of “Big Butt” and in “Shower Time.”

And some advertisers have been hesitant to buy the ads at all.

BuzzFeed said that many of the advertisers that had expressed interest in buying ads on the platform in the past year had withdrawn their offers.

That means that Amazon is spending money to reach a wider audience than it could have on its own.

But for advertisers, the ads are worth it.

“We are spending money in order to get people to buy our ads, which are the most important thing that we can do,” said Ashley Williams, director of global advertising at Yelp, which has partnered with Amazon for its ads.

“Amazon is one of the few companies that’s spending money on advertisers, and we think it’s a great way to get advertisers interested.”

And the ads’ success has put Amazon in a much better position to compete on other platforms.

Amazon recently started a new ad platform called “Yelp for Kids,” which offers ads aimed at kids.

Amazon is also experimenting with ads that appeal to older teens, including one that features a girl in an Amazonian costume, and one that looks like a man in a gorilla suit.

“We believe that our advertising business is not only the fastest growing, but also the most influential business in the world,” Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said in a statement.

“As Amazon becomes the go-to destination for content, we have seen our advertising dollars grow by a staggering 50 percent, and our advertising spending on kids has more than doubled since the launch of our new platform in March of this year.”

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