How to spot deceptive advertising in the 1960s

The 1960s were the year that Irish advertising got so nasty that the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASI) went to court to force its way into a market where it had no legal right to operate.

In the end, the court ruled that ASI was not entitled to enter the market to monitor the conduct of the industry it was supposed to regulate.

In its judgement, the ASI said it was only the company that owned the ads that could be regulated.

In reality, the ASA was using its legal authority to impose rules that it could not enforce and it was the industry that had the power to enforce those rules.

The ASA had the authority to force companies to pay up if they did not stop using deceptive advertising or take corrective action when people complained about it. 

In its judgement it said that there were two main reasons that advertisers used misleading or deceptive advertising.

One was that they wanted to make a profit, or they wanted a person to buy their product.

Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement There was another reason that they were telling people to do something.

Advertisement The ASA said that deceptive advertising had two main purposes: to influence or persuade.

This meant that it was intended to be misleading or to deceive.

This was the main objective of misleading or defamatory advertising.

This is a very broad concept. 

It meant that an advertisement that was misleading or misleading could be deceptive.

The ad could be misleading because it was misleading in the first place or because it did not make clear what was in the advertisement.

The advertiser could not be liable for misleading or untrue conduct in the second place.

The same principle applies if the ad was made to the person who was being misled.

Advertisement There were two other different types of misleading conduct that the ASA could impose.

First, it could enforce the law that a company had to stop using misleading or false advertising or it could impose a penalty on the company if the company did not.

Second, it had the legal authority, through the advertising tribunal, to impose the penalties.

The third and most important type of misleading advertising was called “unfair competition”.

This meant the company had made false or misleading statements about a competitor in order to raise its competitive advantage.

The rules for unfair competition were very different from the rules for misleading advertising.

The courts were very clear about the difference between unfair competition and deceptive advertising and that was the reason that the courts decided that misleading advertising could be a crime.

In effect, the advertising rules had been set up to stop advertising that was unfair or deceptive.

They could not stop misleading or unfair conduct.

If a company was doing something wrong, they had to pay a fine.

Advertisement Advertisement The advertising rules that were in place were not about stopping deceptive advertising that the industry was doing.

They were very much about stopping misleading or dishonest advertising that could hurt the market and make it difficult for consumers to decide whether to buy something.

The Advertising Standards Act, 1961 In the 1960’s, the Advertising Act, 1959 was brought in to regulate advertising.

It is the act that is responsible for setting the standards that were used in the advertising industry to prevent misleading or fraudulent advertising. 

The act created a set of rules that set out what is required of companies in order for them to be able to advertise and how long they have to keep doing so.

It also made it clear that they have the right to do so. 

As part of the advertising regulations, the rules set out a list of what constitutes misleading or inaccurate advertising.

They said that any advertisement which was misleading was a criminal offence.

That is why the advertising standards act did not define what was misleading and false advertising.

Instead, it simply defined what was acceptable. 

What was acceptable in the law was a definition of “a statement or other material which is likely to cause a reasonable person to believe that a product or service is unsuitable for use in a particular place, circumstances or manner”.

The definition was very broad.

It said that the word “may” could be used to describe any material that was likely to affect the consumer’s decision whether to purchase a product.

In other words, a misleading statement or material could be considered misleading if it caused a reasonable consumer to believe a product was unsuitable in a specific place, circumstance or manner.

The law also said that “the use of words, phrases, or other representations intended to deceive” was a class B offence.

A company had no more right to mislead than a person who sold cigarettes. 

A person selling cigarettes could not use a misleading advertisement in an advertisement if the advertising did not cause a person, or a group of persons, to believe the product was suitable for sale in a certain place, condition or manner in order that they buy it.

This means that if the person selling the product said that a cigarette was suitable to be smoked in a narrow band of circumstances, that was a false or deceptive statement or an attempt to deceive and was punishable by a fine of up to €

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