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The U.N. human rights office has released a report calling for an overhaul of the way human rights and gender are viewed around the world.

The U.P.O. report, titled “Rethinking Gender Equality and the Human Rights Commission,” says that “gender-based discrimination, in particular, must be reviewed, and gender equality must be a priority.”

The UPPC says that its report “provides important guidance to U.K. human right bodies and NGOs, as well as policy makers and policymakers,” and says it “provide a framework for how to reform gender-based inequalities.”

It also notes that it is “particularly relevant to countries where women’s rights and issues related to gender equality have been neglected.”

The report also calls for more attention to gender-related violence.

In particular, the UPPT says that more attention needs to be paid to gender issues in relation to rape and sexual assault.

The UPPE says that, “sexual violence and violence against women, and the wider violence that women experience in society, should be viewed as part of the wider spectrum of violence against them,” as well.

According to the report, a person who commits sexual violence against a person is a “criminal” for a number of reasons, including that person is not “innocent,” or “not guilty,” but is guilty of a crime.

According to the U.A.W., a person committing a crime of violence, or even sexual violence, can be convicted of “aggravated rape.”

The UPAE says a person committed a crime when they intentionally caused bodily harm or harm to someone, including with the intention of “punishing or hurting them.”

The report calls for greater awareness of sexual violence in society and in the workplace.

The report also urges governments to provide support for victims and survivors of violence.

The report calls on governments to “address the sexual violence epidemic in their countrys domestic and international policies, including through the implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” and calls for gender-sensitive laws, policies and services, including “measures that promote gender equality.”

The “Rhetoric, Action and Policy Toward the Elimination of Gender-Based Violence” report is available at: www.unhcr.org/en/gender-discrimination/policy-towards-the-exclusion-of-gender-biased-violence/

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