When it comes to digital advertising, Starbucks is one of the best companies in the world, according to one study

The company’s $22 billion buyout of Starbucks Coffee has been hailed by many as a bold step towards the future of advertising and marketing, but one of its biggest selling points is the company’s use of “advertising near us”.

In the wake of the announcement, a study by the firm found that Starbucks’ digital advertising is “one of the top four advertising spenders globally” in the US.

However, a recent analysis by a number of online advertising platforms has found that the company spends a fraction of that amount.

According to a new report from eMarketer, the top-selling ad spenders in the top 50 countries in 2016 are: 1.

Netflix (US) 2.

Uber (US, UK) 3.

Amazon (US & UK) 4.

Google (US&UK) 5.

Facebook (US)* 6.

Coca-Cola (US)(source: eMarketers) 1.

The next time you see a video advertising in a Starbucks commercial, it’s likely to be an ad for an online service like Netflix, rather than an ad that’s actually on a television or radio station.


When you look at a Starbucks advertisement and see an ad from Google, the ad is likely from an advertiser who’s actively trying to reach your customers via social media, rather an ad they’re paying to target your users directly.


A Starbucks ad in a local news article is likely to focus on an issue of interest to your customers, rather one about an upcoming event that you may have seen on TV. 4.

If you look through Google’s advertising for a local business and look at the company that’s advertising in the ads, the company probably has a very good reason for doing so.

“Google is probably trying to find ways to make money off of you or your business, and if that’s the case, then it’s probably worth the effort to make sure that the ads are relevant to your business,” explains Andrew Sorkin, CEO of eMarkets.

“In a way, that’s why Starbucks is so successful: it’s so good at finding that niche.”


When I search for the word ‘fitness’ in Google, my first result is an ad on fitness apps.


In a Starbucks ad, you may notice a different brand of coffee being offered as a reward.


If an ad in Google mentions a local food truck or local craft beer, it may be an advertisement for a business in the area.


Starbucks ads can be targeted to different types of audiences depending on what the advertiser is trying to accomplish with the ad.

“If they’re targeting the young, the female, people in the suburbs, or those who are less educated,” Sorkis says.

“Then the ads should have a different message for that group.

For example, they could say, ‘I don’t want you to be a coffee drinker, but we have a food truck in the neighborhood.'”

Starbucks will continue to run ads on a wide range of platforms, and they’ve already started targeting new audiences like millennials with its new online store, including its “Go Fresh” initiative, which lets users search for products and services that are freshest for them, as well as its “My Starbucks” campaign.

“We’ve always had a long history of targeting different types and sizes of people, and we’re seeing more and more that’s changing in the industry,” says Amy Cappel, vice president of digital marketing at Starbucks.

“When it comes time to create new campaigns, we’re going to focus more on the younger demographic, people who may not be familiar with the products or services we offer.”

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