Why does a popular app advertise?

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Now Playing The Most Popular Ads on Facebook Now Playing ‘Google Ads for iOS’ is Getting More Popular Than ‘Google AdWords for Android’ Now Playing Google Ads on iOS Is a Complete Mess Now Playing Why Google Ads Are Getting More Common Now Playing What is the best way to use a Google AdWords account?

Now Playing Facebook says it won’t stop using Google ads on the platform.

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We are not trying to sell you something.

We’re not trying that.’

Now Playing SpaceX says its next rocket is ready to fly, but first a ‘super rocket’ Now Listening: Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, discusses his company’s upcoming rocket Now Playing President Trump speaks with former Google CEO John Mueller about ‘Google and advertising’ Now Audio: Tesla CEO Elon Musk talks about how the company plans to sell its cars in America Now Playing Fox News’ John Roberts says Google’s ‘Google ad program’ is a ‘massive mistake’ Now Using the Google Ads tool to see what other advertisers are doing Now Playing Donald Trump says he will ‘absolutely’ allow Google to use his likeness for its ads Now Playing NASA has announced a $500 million space program Now Playing US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says US is ‘ready to take action’ to counter China’s influence on global affairs Now Playing Tillerson says ‘we are not at war’ with China Now Playing Rex Tillerson tells US Congress that China is ‘the enemy of the United States’ Now Watching Elon Musk explains how Google will sell its vehicles to Americans Now Playing A look at how Google is helping you find your next best deal Now Playing Ivanka Trump says she wants to be president again in 2020 Now Playing Meet the Trump family, including Ivanka Trump, her son, Barron, and their dog, Dumbo Now Playing Is Google getting the best deal for ads?

Now Featuring the first ‘bipartisan’ bill on Google Ads to help advertisers Now Playing Who is Jeff Bezos?

And what does he think of Google Now Featuring a new study on what the next 10 years will bring for the tech industry Now Playing Amazon’s Jeff Bezos says he’s ‘not a believer in the idea of Google as a monopoly’ Now Featuring The Top 10 Best Advertising Apps Now Playing New report finds that Google’s advertising program costs more per ad than Facebook’s Now Playing Hillary Clinton: ‘We need to take care of people.

We need to make sure that everybody’s not trapped in the bubble’ Now Today’s Top Stories:

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