Which companies are in the crosshairs of the FTC’s new digital ad rule?

The Federal Trade Commission has issued a draft rule to regulate digital advertising, and it may be the first such rule in decades.

The draft rules would require companies to post a $100,000 limit on advertising that is free and clear.

It would also require companies posting ads to disclose their total amount of advertising.

The FTC would use the data to develop guidelines that will guide advertising and consumer behavior, the company said in a press release.

The draft rules also require internet service providers to block ads from being displayed without a valid reason, and to disclose data about how users respond to ads.

The rules would also prohibit the use of “unfair” and “incompetent” advertising and require advertisers to disclose “inadvertent” and misleading advertising.

Advertisers would also have to disclose the names and addresses of all the websites they run on and how much money they make from the ads.

The companies would also need to post the data about their revenue and their advertising expenditures on a public website, or on an individual’s profile page.

The proposed rule was first published on Friday by the FTC.

It is the latest step in a three-year process to create rules that would govern the advertising industry.

The Federal Trade Commision has been working on digital advertising rules since 2011, when the agency adopted the Fairness Doctrine, a rule aimed at protecting consumers and consumers’ rights to choose which online services they use.

The Fairness doctrine requires online services to treat consumers fairly.

The FTC said the proposed rules would not apply to the websites of companies like Amazon, Etsy, or Facebook.

However, those companies have not yet responded to the proposal.

The agency did not say what specific companies it was concerned about in the rule, nor what criteria it would use to assess whether companies violate the proposed rule.

The companies in the draft rule would have to pay $100 million a year to the FTC to comply with the proposed limits on ads and transparency requirements.

The rules would only apply to companies with revenue of $250 million or more.

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