How to spot a phony magazine ad for Pinnacle Sports

There are plenty of ways to spot phony magazines, and there are some pretty obvious ways.

But the one that really gets my attention is this one.

It’s a really bad one.

It’s an ad for a really big sports publication, but instead of saying “Sportsman’s Magazine,” it says “Pinnacle Sports.”

It’s just an awful copy.

It looks like it’s written by someone who is going to write the article about what a great magazine Pinnacle is.

But instead of that, the headline says, “PIONE SPORTS.”

And then the headline reads, “NEW YORK TIMES SPORTSMAN’S MAGAZINE.”

And the rest of the article reads,And so on.

There are lots of copycats, and they’re all bad.

I’ll admit, I’ve noticed that a lot of times when I look at these ads, I’m like, “Wow, what is this?”

But when I get closer to them, I realize that it’s just a bunch of bad copy.

But it gets worse.

Pinnacle doesn’t just copy, it also has copy that’s bad.

This one is for the magazine “The Sport Bible.”

Here’s the ad.

It starts out by saying that the magazine is “The Sporting World.”

But it then goes on to say that, as an “all-new” edition, it’s “the world’s best magazine for sports.”

I think that sounds like it was just made up by some person with a big marketing budget.

So what does it say?

Pinnacle says,In the same way that it was all-new in 2017, the PIONE Sports will be the world’s greatest sports magazine.

This magazine is the most comprehensive, up-to-date and comprehensive guide to sports, fitness and nutrition for athletes.

With its expansive, all-inclusive sports coverage, PIONeSports is the ideal starting point for anyone looking to understand the latest trends in sports.

And that’s not just any magazine.

It has a wide variety of sports coverage that’s relevant to anyone looking for a daily dose of sports news.

And it’s really great at it.

There’s no copy that says “New York Times Sports,” or “The New York Times Magazine,” or even “The Sportsman’s.”

The ad is really bad copy, and it’s a blatant rip-off of the Sportsman.

The headline and the subtitle read “New Sportsman.”

And when I go to the site, I find the title “Pioneer Sportsman,” which is a really good title.

It says “The world’s most comprehensive sports resource for the casual reader.”

But the ad ends up sounding like a copy of an ad that someone who really knows what he’s talking about would write.

I actually have to wonder what this ad is trying to say.

It sounds like Pinnacle’s goal is to get the Sports Man to buy a PIONA Sports.

The ad does that, and the rest is pretty much just a waste of money.

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