What is the worst thing a woman can do to a man in public?

The term sexist advertising refers to ads that make sexual innuendo about the sex life of other women.

It’s an industry rife with blatant sexism, including: 1) The slogan “Sexy with a smile” on a pair of jeans that implies women who wear jeans are “too sexy.”

2) The claim that men and women should “share a laugh.”

3) A woman who is “too cute” to be a man, but a man “too ugly” to date.

4) The suggestion that men are “totally” or “fully” interested in women who look like them.

5) A message that men who “do their homework” are “not interested in being friends.”

6) The phrase “we want your number” in a man’s bio that implies he’s “asking for it.”

7) The ad that “only happens in a sorority house” and that “the sorority guys don’t know what a sex tape is.”

8) An ad that says “only the best” or says that women “need to be prepared to make a mistake” in order to be “welcome” in their fraternity.

9) An advertising campaign that makes a “sexually suggestive” claim that a woman is “more beautiful” than a man.

10) An advertisement that says that a “stronger woman” means a “bolder, more masculine” man.

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