Advertiser Zimmerman quotes quote ‘I love the people who love me’

Zimmermann’s former campaign manager, Matt Mayer, has a new ad for him.

It’s called “Love the People Who Love Me.”

It’s on Bloomberg News Tonight, and it’s going to air on Sunday.

It features a clip from Mayer saying, “Love your family, love your friends, love the city.

I’m a lover.

I love it.”

The ad features Mayer, who is now the director of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel, and Zimmermans daughter, Emma.

The ad features Zimmermen family, the family of an actress who was murdered in 2009, and a young boy playing with a stuffed animal.

The ad has received about 3,500 views.

In it, Zimmer and Emma are talking about the ad, and Emma says, “I love that Zimmer says it.”

Zimmerman’s daughter also says in the ad that “we have a lot of work to do to protect the city.”

The family of the murdered actress, Michelle Knight, has sued the Zimmermens for $1.5 billion, claiming that the ads hurt their business.

In addition to Knight, the Zimmers have also filed lawsuits against the city of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney and former Mayor Jim Gray, who resigned in February after a report said he was a co-conspirator in the deaths of the two women.

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