Facebook ads, Amazon, and the rise of adblocking

Google News article Facebook ads and Amazon are coming to an end.

The two online advertising platforms are expected to become one unified platform in 2020, after Amazon announced it was closing its ad services and leaving Facebook as its dominant ad platform.

AdBlock Plus, a nonprofit, launched a petition to push the two platforms to merge.

But a decision on that is expected in the coming weeks, according to the website of the nonprofit organization.

Facebook has previously said it will stay on as the primary platform for its ads.

Amazon also announced it would be shutting down its Prime service, which had been used by over half of its users to buy its books and other content.

Amazon is currently the dominant seller of e-books and movies in the U.S., but many other online retailers have begun to support digital content as well.

Amazon has said that it will allow users to download the Kindle e-reader app, which lets users browse its e-book catalog and purchase movies, television shows, and music from Amazon.

The company is also experimenting with streaming video and other streaming services in the future.

Google, the dominant search engine, said it would continue to sell Google Search ads through its own ad platform, Google Ads.

However, Google is also working on a way for advertisers to buy ads on the platform through Google Now, an Android app that allows users to use Google search results to search for products.

Facebook, which has grown rapidly since it was founded in 2004, is a platform that has long been criticized for allowing advertisers to manipulate its ad networks to reach their audiences.

That criticism has intensified in recent years, with many advertisers now taking a wait-and-see approach as to whether or not they will continue to be targeted by the platforms.

Adblock Plus, which began as a petition campaign on Reddit, was created by a group of internet users who believed that the platforms should be combined in 2020 to allow advertisers to sell ads.

The petition was created to help raise awareness of the situation and help stop the consolidation of ad networks.

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