How to make your online ads work for a wide variety of brands

An ad that’s just a link away from clicking doesn’t work.

“It’s a bad idea,” says James Clark, a social media strategist at Ogilvy & Mather who works for a start-up company called Tiktok.

“You should be focusing on making sure that the link you’re putting out is as relevant to the brand as possible, and that it’s working for them as well.”

To that end, it’s crucial that you’re not simply creating a link that people click, but also an effective one that will work across platforms and timezones.

Here are a few tips for using link tactics to make sure your ads work across social, digital and offline platforms.

Ad targeting with the right tools You can find out how many clicks your ad has on Twitter, Facebook and Google, but you can’t know how well your links will perform on them.

For this reason, you need to get a look at the data.

“Link tactics are really a way of identifying the link that’s going to make the most impact,” says Clark.

“If you have a really good link, you’re more likely to get clicked on.”

For example, you can use the following tool to determine how many times people click on your link in different social media platforms: “You can also find out what types of links are working best for a specific brand,” says Chris Johnson, a copywriter at Ogillvy &amps; Marys who has been using this tool since the beginning.

“So if your links are all about social, you could have a very good chance of getting a click from a particular brand.

But if you want to work on more niche topics, or if you’re targeting younger audiences, you’ll want to get more targeted links.”

Find the right link When creating your link, consider whether the link is relevant to your business.

For example: Are you trying to drive traffic to a particular website or channel?

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