The most annoying ad on Facebook says you have cancer

The most irritating ads on Facebook say you have breast cancer.

They are also warning you that you are at risk of getting it.

The ads were created to try to make you feel better, but they have been criticized by Facebook and other tech companies for creating an unsafe environment for people who have no idea how to protect themselves.

The ads are an attempt to make people feel better by showing ads that are aimed at encouraging people to take steps to protect their health.

It is unclear if the ads were intentionally created to make a false impression about how cancer can be treated, or if they were intended to help people make sense of their cancer diagnosis.

The ad on the left says you should exercise to prevent breast cancer, and the ad on right says you need to wear a bra to help prevent breast problems.

If you’re having trouble getting through the ads, the ad in the middle says to check out the new Cancer Awareness Center.

Facebook has been criticized for the ads.

The company said the ads violate its terms of service because they show ads that “promote the sale or supply of goods or services, or otherwise misrepresent the nature of the product or service offered.”

Facebook also said the company does not have a role in deciding which ads get shown.

The companies also have been sued over similar ads.

Facebook said the problem was a result of a “misunderstanding.”

The ads on the right are a result a “mistake,” and that Facebook did not have an understanding of how people would react to ads that suggest the health of a woman with breast cancer might be at risk, according to a statement from the company.

Facebook said it is working to fix the issue.

A number of other tech firms have been accused of misleading people about how they can prevent breast cancers, or of being intentionally misleading to get people to buy certain products.

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