What Google’s Instagram ads tell us about ads in the digital age

Google has long touted its ability to reach advertisers in a wide variety of industries, and now the company is showing that it has been able to do just that with ads in Instagram.

In addition to advertising in Instagram, Google has also launched ads in Google+ and YouTube, which together represent more than a quarter of the company’s digital advertising revenue.

Google+ has been a boon for the company.

It has helped it reach over 100 million people on its platform, and the company has spent nearly $100 million in advertising on the platform in the past year alone.

YouTube has been the other main driver of Google+ traffic.

The YouTube ad platform was launched in 2010 and has since grown to become the second-largest digital advertising platform behind Google.

In May, Google said it had more than 5 million videos in the YouTube platform, according to an analysis from research firm NPD Group.

That number is growing rapidly.

In the last six months, Google+ videos have reached more than 100 million views, according for a June report from NPD.

And it has more than 4 million unique users.

Google has seen strong growth on YouTube with ads that run on the service, according the report.

But YouTube has also been hit with the wrath of Facebook and other social media companies.

Google and YouTube have been at odds with each other in the wake of the Facebook-owned news site, News Corp., which has been under intense scrutiny for targeting news consumers.

As part of the deal, YouTube will pay a $2.7 billion payment to acquire News Corp.’s stake in News Corp. and become a separate entity with a separate board and CEO.

The deal will also allow Google to sell its stake in YouTube, according a person familiar with the matter.

Google is also working to buy Instagram, which is owned by Facebook for $1.7 trillion.

Google’s deal with Instagram could give the social network a competitive edge with Facebook, which has more money and has more resources to spend.

Instagram was the first of the big social networks to offer ad services, and it quickly gained a huge following among advertisers.

Google ad revenue rose 40% in the second quarter of 2017, according at Google, according To the extent that Google’s ad spending has increased, it’s largely because of Instagram.

Google still spends less than Facebook, but the platform has helped drive more ad spend overall.

Instagram has become a big part of Google’s digital business.

The company has more ad-supported users than any other major social media platform, with more than 11 billion people on the network.

Instagram users spend more on Google+ than any of its competitors combined, according NPD’s report.

Instagram’s advertising revenue grew 38% in 2017.

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