What are the key marketing trends and strategies that will influence the future of car advertising?

Mashable article How marketing for car advertising will evolve over the next few years will be dictated by the way consumers are viewing car advertisements, according to an article by Car Advertising Week.

The article, published on Wednesday, predicts that car advertising in the United States will reach a plateau in 2019.

The report cites four main factors:The first is the rise in car buyers and the second is the perception of their tastes.

Third is the shift from TV and radio to digital media.

Fourth is the increased consumer awareness of car-related brands.

It also predicts that advertising will be more focused on marketing the car itself.

Car Advertising Week’s founder and CEO Robyn Young-Davies said: “The advertising landscape is changing rapidly.

Consumers want to see a car in every picture, and car ads are becoming increasingly important for that.”

Advertising is the new TV, radio and online marketing, and consumers are more willing to pay for content than ever before.

“Read moreCar AdvertisingWeek also predicts the rise of self-driving cars, as well as a number of new technologies, such as self-navigation, which will have a significant impact on advertising.”

These technologies will transform the advertising industry,” Young-davies added.”

They will help advertisers reach more consumers, increase their advertising revenue and provide more valuable and relevant advertising to consumers.

“Young-dabies said advertising would also undergo significant changes over the coming years, as it is “now easier to reach more people with a single click”.”

Consumers will see ads on the web, they’ll see them in mobile, they’re looking for them in social media, they want them on their TV and they want it on their phone,” she said.”

And so it’s a changing landscape.

“But I think what’s most important about the future is that advertisers are starting to understand what consumers want, and we’re starting to create a new way of marketing.”

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