How to block controversial ads in your Facebook News Feed

Posted July 17, 2018 06:09:11Facebook’s algorithmically flagged stories as potentially harmful, including ones that feature nudity, hate speech, and offensive content, has been criticized by some users.

The company has released a new update that addresses some of the concerns.

The update adds a new section to the Facebook Newsfeed called the “Sensitive Topics” area.

It allows users to choose whether or not to show the content of an article or to block the posts.

It also allows users the option to “Hide the story.”

The update allows users of the company’s Messenger app to opt-out of Facebook’s “Sensitivity Topics.”

In other words, the Facebook app will hide posts that contain nudity, profanity, or other offensive content.

Users can also turn off or block posts that feature violent, explicit, or sexually suggestive content.

This new feature is only available for users in the United States.

Facebook has been trying to improve its algorithms since the start of the year.

In August, Facebook said it had received more than 4.7 million reports of inappropriate content on its platform.

The announcement also revealed that Facebook had detected more than 11 million ads that were offensive to people who identify as LGBT.

In addition, Facebook announced that the company was working on a “Safe Spaces” feature that would remove posts and content that are deemed offensive.

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