The adidas Outdoor Adidas SB700 adidas SB700 outdoor advertising

The adizero adidas has released a new version of its SB700 basketball shoes that features a new “urban” design and a white color scheme.

The new adidas shoes, which will be available in the summer of 2019, feature the “urban look” for the upcoming season, as opposed to the traditional “urban color scheme” that is found on the older SB700s.

The new shoes will be limited to only 200 pairs of shoes at retail.

According to adidas, the adidas outdoor SB700 shoes will feature a black sole with a black “urban-inspired” heel tab and an orange-orange color scheme, similar to the SB700 silhouette from the NBA.

The adiSBIg shoes will also have a black, white and red color scheme for the upper and a blue and white color pattern on the tongue and the sole of the shoe.

The shoes will come in two colorways, with the colorway that is used in the adizeros NBA shoes.

The adidas adidas basketball shoes have become a hot topic this offseason.

The shoe has been rumored to be a return to the NBA, with players like LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Kawhi Leonard reportedly considering the adiAdidas SB 700 sneakers have become popular among basketball fans in recent years due to the innovative materials and design.

The footwear is manufactured in China and is made by the adixsole, a division of adidas Originals.

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