How to make a postcard from a post card

One of the first things you need to do when you’re looking for a great postcard is to figure out how to get it in the mail.

The postcards you’re going to need to make your own are actually pretty simple, and a good way to start. 

I’ll start with an old postcard I got for free from a local post office in the city of Jerusalem, which was just the sort of thing you’d see in any post office and that’s the kind of thing that you can buy at any time. 

The first thing you need for a postcards is a cardboard box that is roughly 10cm by 7cm and weighs a couple of kilos (1.2 lbs) (this is the typical size for a large cardboard box). 

I used the same cardboard box for all my postcards, and here is how I made mine. 

First you need a piece of cardboard that is about 4cm (1 inch) thick.

I used a piece that was about 2cm (0.6 inch) by 2cm and it would have made a good frame for my postcard.

I found that I could cut this down a bit by using a knife or other sharp tool to slice it up. 

Then you need some paper to make the cardboard. 

A piece of parchment paper is about 1cm (3 inches) wide, and you can use either a newspaper paper or a tissue paper to cover it. 

You need to put the paper on the cardboard and mark it with a pencil or marker. 

Next you need the cardboard to be about 8cm (2 inches) by 4cm and a piece at least 4cm long.

I made this cardboard by cutting the piece of paper into the shape of a rectangle, then cutting the paper into 4 triangles and folding it into a square. 

Once the cardboard is made, it’s time to put it on a piece by piece and fold the paper so it becomes a square of a similar size to the cardboard piece. 

Now that you have a square paper and a rectangle paper, it is time to fold the cardboard into a rectangle. 

As you fold the rectangle, you will also be able to see the paper, so fold the square paper over the paper that is being folded in the same way as you fold your cardboard piece into a circle. 

This is where you fold down the sides of the paper and you will see that there is more paper inside than in the paper folds inside the cardboard, so you can fold the sides down and then fold the remaining paper up.

If you want to see how this works, you can look at the picture of the cardboard on the left. 

So, if you fold up the sides and the top, you’ll have a rectangular piece of 4cm by 4.5cm paper that has been folded and folded and it’s folded up into a little rectangle.

This is what your postcard should look like. 

With this piece of the postcard folded and cut into squares, you are left with what I called a “postcard square”. 

This square will be the basis for the poster you’ll print out for your postcards. 

Print out the postcards in a standard postcard printer. 

It’s probably best to print out your post cards from the paper you got for the post office, but you could print out the squares themselves from the cardboard you got. 

If you print the squares, fold them up into neat squares and then tape them together with tape. 

Take your paper and cut out a small circle with a tape measure (this size will work for a piece the size of a post office postcard). 

Then use your tape measure to mark where you want the squares to go, and cut the squares down to the length you want. 

After you’ve cut the shapes for the squares and the paper they are going to be folded up and folded, you need your paper. 

Cut the paper out of the same paper you cut the square, and then mark where the paper goes and mark the paper with a piece to fold it over. 

When you fold it, you’re leaving about 2.5m of paper inside, so if you folded the paper up a bit, you might not be able see the outline of the letters on the paper.

This isn’t a big deal, and it’s actually good if you don’t want to have to look at a paper-thin image that’s been cut up for posterity. 

Fold the paper back up into the rectangle paper that you made for the paper squares. 

To make the poster, fold the poster squares in half again and then folded them up.

This time, you want half of the poster to be the same size as the poster in the square and half to be slightly smaller than the poster on the poster square.

Fold the remaining half of poster paper down to 1cm

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